You guys are amazing! my daughter and I loveeee this school! Amazing to you alll!!

10th Grade Westlake Parent

June 1, 2018

Mrs. Petrillo,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your had work and dedication to our children and to all the children there.  We are so pleased that our children attend AEA and I can not begin to explain to you how happy we are with all of your hard work and with all of the teachers there.  

Thank you for making us feel safe by knowing that our children are in safe hands with all of you.  We appreciate you understanding what we went through this school year and not criticizing the days that our girls had to miss because they were sick, or the numerous doctors appointments they had to go to.  

We as a family truly feel that our girls are not just a number there, you truly care about each and every one student there and you look at them as your own and that shows.  
Again, thank you and we look forward coming back in the fall!  

Strongsville Parent

May 31, 2018

We moved 2 years ago, and AEA said to keep in touch and let you know how our son is doing. Well we are so proud of him!  He is only supposed to be a JR this year but because of his hard work he will be graduating in May!!! That’s an entire year early. 

He found his passion and has not let his anxiety get in the way! Because of our choice of switching him to Einstein his freshman year we realized all schools are not the same and kids with anxiety can thrive and accomplish anything!! So we just wanted to share his success with you!

Parent of a previous student

January 22, 2018

My daughter and I just wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work and for being so sweet!!


She is really loving it at AEA, and being able to watch her blossom again is priceless to me. Thank you all so very much for making her feel at home, welcome, and like she can be herself!!

8th Grade Westlake Parent

December 19, 2017

There is such a calmness I have having my daughter attend your school. 

9th Grade Westlake Parent

November 6, 2017

My child learned more in this school in a week, than he had in a year at his last school. They have teachers, and tutors that are available to work individually with him, no matter how busy they are, they make time to explain, exactly what he needs to do. When it's time to leave, he always has a huge smile on his face, unlike the last school , where he just wanted to get out and go home, thank you all for the help.

4th Grade Westlake Parent

October 30, 2017

Can I cry now?!?! I can not even begin to tell you how much we appreciate you sticking with us through this. After being at a school before where the students and parents really didn't seem like a priority, we can't express enough how happy we are with AEA and that you all are TRULY there for us!  AEA Rocks!

Parent of a Senior student

October 16, 2017

On a personal note, I don't know if you were at AEA when a senior who graduated from AEA was a student there but I have known him and his family for years. His experience in your program was an enormous blessing to his whole family and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your program for years of patient encouragement. Keep up the great work.

Fellow principal of an area school

August 24, 2017

My teenage son said, "The difference with AEA and public school, is that AEA cares about you". He summed up AEA perfectly. They also listen to any concerns and do whatever is in their power to address them. They go above and beyond what is expected of a school administration. I am so thankful for them.

Andrea Meyer

July 27, 2017

Thanks to everyone, he graduated!  Thanks, guys!

Annette Yousef

May 30, 2017

I graduated from AEA of Westlake in 2016. I attended from the first day they opened the doors. In my experience, I can not express enough how amazing this school is. I made so many relationships and memories that i'll never forget. The staff and most importantly the teachers are absolutely amazing. They not only care about your child's education, but they care about your child as if they were their own. They make sure to get to know you and they build your education around what you're most passionate about. I was extremely passionate about music/singing and they made sure to make that a big part of my learning experience. They do the same with art, dance, music, anything; and they make sure to incorporate that in your education. They always encourage you to bring your creative side out and be yourself and that's what i loved about it! You can ALWAYS be yourself and be accepted at AEA. I, to this day, recommend this school to every parent i come in contact with. In the beginning they hit some speed bumps, but quickly recovered. They only got better as the years progressed. I can't imagine how great it is now and how great it will be! I was not only getting an education but i had a place that i didn't have to be afraid to be myself! I strongly suggest this school to any parents looking for a place for their kids to have a comfortable learning environment!

Melissa Rose

May 20, 2017

First, I was a chaperone for the field trip on Monday (May 15).  It was very well planned and organized and I'm hoping it's success will allow for more field trips in the future.  Maybe even Washington DC for 9th grade (wink wink).

Second, Madison is very excited to stay with AEA for high school.  You may recall when we first met, AEA was going to be a bridge to  Magnificat because of our unhappiness with the new administration at her former school.  I do have a few reservations, however because it is such a small school though and that her high school experience will be vastly different from a larger school.  That said, those are my reservations (not hers) and ultimately, Madison is happy and learning and what more could a parent want for her child?!

Valerie Brass, Berea

May 2017

I attended the 7th grade Spelling Bee and was really touched by the support the students in the audience gave to all the students. I grew up with epilepsy and was teased all the way up to my senior year.  I had no support in the home as my parents were alcoholics and pretty neglectful to my needs.  I had very few friends in the early school years and no friends by high school.  Kids can be very cruel and I became very withdrawn.  If I had peers like the ones watching the Spelling Bee, maybe attending school would have been more bearable.  I don't know if the credit goes to the luck of having a good group of kids or to the staff encouraging this positive behavior.  I believe it is probably a little of both.  I just wanted to say awesome job!

An Anonymous Parent

May 2017

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