AEA'S Teaching Philosophy
We are teachers by training, but more importantly we are teachers by nature.  We are committed to interdisciplinary education and believe a global perspective is necessary for our students to compete in the 21st century global economy.  We read and incorporate current research into our teaching and believe in “best practice(s)”.  We think, act and teach “outside the box”.  We will facilitate your child’s learning to be deeper than you or they believed possible.  Our students will not only be learning but they will also be creating knowledge.  Learning will feel different, better, more satisfying and complete.  Teaching and learning will be collaborative, conversational and meaningful.  AEA will function as a comprehensive learning community with every child and family receiving what they need to experience academic and personal growth.
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Our Teachers Are.....
Certified - Valid Ohio Teaching Credentials
Qualified - HQT Status / NCLB
Dedicated - Determined to exceed the performance goals set forth by AEA
Educated - Hold degrees at the Bachelors, Masters & Doctoral Levels
Creative - Engage students in class content through multiple dimensions.