Inclement Weather

School Closures Due to Inclement Weather

Our philosophy is that kids need to be in school as much as possible so we take caution in school closures. We work with area superintendents, ODOT and local authorities to determine the conditions before making a decision. We do not currently require blizzard bags or "homework" days as those are already built into the calendar. Should there ever be a need to discuss this, you will be informed of the change. For now, a snow day is simply a day to stay home and out of the bad weather.

If you have any questions, please contact your student(s) building administrators.

Questions and Answers

Is there a time in which a decision is made?

Yes. Decisions are generally made by 6:00am or sooner the day of the closure

How will we know that the school is closed?

  • A text and email to the information you provided to us at enrollment


  • Watching any major Local TV News Channels (Channels 3, 5 and 8)

  • Checking major Local TV News Websites websites under "Closures" (Channels 3, 5 and 8)

  • AEA of Ohio Facebook and @aeaofohio on Instagram

What kinds of weather causes a school closure?

  • Accumulation of snow and/or ice

  • The timing of the winter weather hitting and how long it is expected to continue

  • Building Conditions ie. heat, water, power

  • Extreme cold

Can one campus close while another is open?

YES. Please keep an eye on the information being given. Any of the following might appear:

Albert Einstein Academy--All Campuses

Albert Einstein Academy--Lakewood

Albert Einstein Academy--Strongsville

Why would one campus be closed while others are open?

Each campus is in a different city. Sometimes one city will get a winter storm, while another may not. Only the campus(es) impacted by the severe weather will close.

My child rides a bus to AEA, what if the school that transports is closed and AEA is open?

In these cases, you are welcome to drive your child to school. If you feel that the conditions are too dangerous simply call the school secretary and let them know that you cannot get your child(red) to the building due to weather. Their absence will be excused that day.

Will there be after school clubs or activities when AEA has a calamity day?

No. Any after school activity sponsored by AEA will be closed. You will want to check your home district should your child(red) participate in an activity there.

Are the District offices open during calamity days?

Administrators will report to buildings once the weather permits. Buildings will not be open to the public so call the office before stopping out for any reason. Administrators can still retrieve voicemails and emails and will be able to respond to parent and/or student needs.