AOCC Conference - Nov. 7, 2019

Dr. Thomas was a presenter at todays All Ohio Counselors Conference (AOCC), in Columbus. His presentation was called, "Safe Is Not Enough."

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Why AEA?

We embrace diversity.

What defines our students?  What defines our community?  What defines us?  We are united.  We are building a community from the ground up. We are all students who empower one another to reach great heights, to accomplish unprecedented feats, to create the leaders of tomorrow.

We stand undivided.  We are embracing diversity, filling the cracks of our foundation with integrity and, respect for all.  We leave no room for judgement.  Individuality serves as the building blocks of Albert Einstein Academy.  We are the dream chasers, the risk takers, and creative thinkers; the innovators, problem solvers, and hard workers.   We spark imagination and inspire curiosity.  We forge new paths to accomplished endeavors.  We open new doors to endless possibilities.  We are the future.


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