Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community School?

Albert Einstein Academy is a community school, which are often called charter schools nationally and in other states, and are public schools created in Ohio law; are independent of any school district; and are part of the state’s education program. Community schools are public schools of choice and are state and federally funded. Community schools established under Chapter 3314 of the Revised Code are considered a school district and as such must comply with all state and federal laws, including special education statutes and rules.

Who can attend AEA?

Residents of the state of Ohio are eligible for enrollment

What is the tuition/cost?

All grades are tuition-free (including full-day kindergarten)

Do you participate in state testing?

AEA follows Ohio state testing requirements

Do Colleges Recognize AEA?

Yes. We are viewed by colleges and universities similarly to the way area public and private schools are viewed

Can my child access Vocational Training?

Yes. AEA students can participate in vocational programming while enrolled at AEA.This is aligned with the student’s district of residence.

Can my child(ren) shadow for a day?

Students are welcome to shadow prior to starting to enrollment

What type of programs do you offer?

College preparatory curriculum, personal learning plans Advanced Placement classes, College Credit Plus, comprehensive special education and autism programs

What grades are offered?

Lakewood 6-12, Strongsville K-12

Do you have a lunch program?

Students pack their lunches at each campus

Are all teachers licensed?

Yes. Faculty are licensed through the Ohio Department of Education.

Does AEA transport our child(ren)?

Transportation is based on each individual district of residence guidelines. Please contact your district of residence transportation department.

What type of support do you have?

Academic, Behavioral, Mental/Emotional and Social

What Makes Each Campus Unique?

Lakewood (Grades 6-12): Situated in Downtown Lakewood, the campus is a nurturing, safe, and inviting place to learn! There are few limits to what is possible within this special community. In some ways, life at Lakewood is a lot like life at other schools but in many ways, it is quite different. The program at Lakewood is designed to foster engagement both academically and socially, with the aim of preparing the student for a happy, productive adult life consistent with their unique personality. Students are very involved with the school, activities, and choices about what happens here. Lakewood is a place for students to find a voice and to make a positive difference as they explore their personal interests and goals for life.

Strongsville (Grades K – 12): Our campus provides a setting where your child will be encouraged academically and developmentally. We get to know your child and meet them where their academic needs are and continue to grow their knowledge and love of learning. Our teachers are all highly qualified in their content area and work hard to create fun, engaging, hands-on lessons to ensure the students are learning. We use technology regularly; class sizes are small to ensure that differentiation can occur throughout the day. AEA recognizes that educating the whole child is important; we provide opportunities for discussion about important character traits and give students opportunities to practice those traits in school. Traditional classes such as physical education, art, and music, are also taught.