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 Albert Einstein Academy's Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision...

To foster an environment of uniqueness and belonging.

Our Mission...

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Albert Einstein Academy is a welcoming and diverse district which provides a comprehensive and rigorous educational environment with resources, programming, and support for all students regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Our Core Values...

Teach:                             Support, prepare, and nurture student and adult learning
Empower:                       Encourage, facilitate, and support students becoming stronger and  more confident
Protect:                           Teach students to advocate for themselves and others
Family:                           Extend support for health, well-being, and learning
Overcome:                      Embrace social, emotional, and learning challenges 
Love:                              Model compassion, kindness, and caring for self and others
Social Justice:                Provide learning opportunities about human rights and equality 
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