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What does a school counselor do?

Mission: The school counselor's mission is to provide a student centered counseling program with an integrated comprehensive curriculum. Our curriculum is to designed to educate students on academic, career, social/emotional issues through individual, group counseling and classroom guidance lessons. 


Vision: The school counselor's vision is to implement an effective comprehensive school counseling program. The school counselors work collaboratively with students, faculty, administration and families to ensure students' success, growth and achievement.

Values: The school counselor's follow the ASCA ethical standards of the school counseling profession found here!

Three Pillars

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Career Counseling

College, Career Prep, Graduation & more

Collaborating with students, families, educational staff and the community to ensure all students select their best postsecondary path.


Academic Counseling

Education & Achievement  

Creating strategies with students, families, educational staff and the community to support and maximize watch student's ability to learn.

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Social / Emotional


Social Awareness, Goal Setting, Responsibility & More

Aiding student's to manage emotions and learn and apply interpersonal skills inside and outside the classroom.

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